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We are David and Meghan Greenfield!

We were the first to get married in

The Greenfield Barn on August 31, 2013. Since then we decided to host other Weddings and Events!


We would love to introduce you to

The Greenfield Barn...........


The Greenfield Barn is privately owned and has been in the Greenfield family for over 100 years. It is a perfect rustic romantic getaway venue located in New Richmond, WI just 45 mins away from St.Paul, MN. 


We would love to chat about your

Wedding or Event.


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About Us


The Greenfield Farm has a long and rich history. It all began when the family farm was purchased by Clark Greenfield and his wife Margaret (Runnions) in 1875. The Farm was inherited by Clark's son Howard Greenfield Sr. in 1909. The Barn was orginally built as a Dairy Barn. The Dairy Barn was built in only 11 days in 1912 at the cost of $191.75. Howard Greenfield Jr. and his wife, Dorothy, purchased the farm from his widowed mother, Anna, in 1954. Sometime in the 1950's the Hay Mound was added onto the barn. The farm was passed on to Donald Greenfield in 1997. Donald and his wife, Bernadine, still farm the Greenfield Farm today! 


In 2013 Dave Greenfield made a door way so you can pass through the Straw mound to the main barn for his wedding reception.  


In 2014 a new tin roof has been put on the barn and lots of landscaping has been done surrounding the barn.


Now beginning in 2015 Dave and Meghan Greenfield will be hosting weddings and barn dances in the barn.





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